Category: Action

Welcome you all to Epic Battle Fantasy, dear guys! Don't overlook this action game, as it is full of fun & cool features to explore. Come here without any hesitation! The turn- [...]
In this universe, there are 4 essential elements – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water! Want to get a chance of how controlling them all? Visit Avatar Arena at this moment! Also, the inten [...]
As the 2nd chapter of the Infectonator 2 series, you will feel a little dazzled by its slight change. Let's get started here! Try to imagine how the globe looks like under your dom [...]
Penny – the cute penguin – has finally returned through Learn To Fly 2! If you're one of his fans, don't be hesitant to try it now! There we go! After seizing the essence of the le [...]
Attention, guys! Visit Crush The Castle 2 now to help the King in here fights against his enemies now. At this time, the situation is very serious. Be quick to step on the playing [...]
Engage in Snail Bob 2 for newer and cooler things now! What're waiting you ahead? Come here for the final answer. Look! Bob is on the path to his grandpa's home since today is his [...]
Wait a minute! There is something valuable here. Get quick to join in Gold Miner now! Here we are! Throughout this fun game, all players are entrusted with a task of helping an old [...]
Have nothing to do at this moment? Why don't you take a look at Double Edged, all game-addicts! This game is known as a fighting-related sword style, so do you want to give it a tr [...]
If you wish to become the greatest fighter in the world, be gentle to step to The King Of Fighters Vs Dnf. It's a place to express your fighting spirit as well as skills and abilit [...]
For those who wish to enjoy fun moments at present, nothing is greater than taking part in Monkey Go Happy Dragon right now! Believe that you can deal with all challenges here? Ent [...]
Of course, no one likes zombies, right? But they've returned through Crazy Zombie V3.0 ! Long to devastate them all? Hit the Start button to prepare for the attack now! Once enteri [...]
Welcome to Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story , all game lovers! With a new edition, you will experience another cool adventure with Bob. Get ready to unfold the secrets here? Enter the ma [...]
If you're the person who loves challenging the intense races, don't ever miss out Bike Rivals . This riding game surely many feelings to you, so be swift to take action immediately [...]
Hey, guys! Be quick to visit an orphanage in Flight to help Wendy – main character – fulfill her wish on Christmas day. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enter the playi [...]
It's such a pity if you don't pay any attention to Knightmare Tower ! This adventure game will surely give you chills, so be quick to experience everything in there now! When enter [...]
Get fed up with dress-up gameplay? Change your monotonous taste by enjoying Dragon Ball Jump now! What to gain from this game? Find the answer now! The game is about Songoku – the [...]
Today, coming to Crappy Bird , players continue putting themselves in the Flappy Bird theme – a hit game that has ever got the widespread reputation around the world. We all know t [...]
Welcome you all to Mr Bean Fishing ! Every kid around the world knows that Mr. Bean is well-known actor in the short humorous film on TV. As he always has cool surprises and funny [...]
Travel with us through King Of Fighters V 1.3 to witness many excellent and amazing fighting skills from the world's top fighters now! At first, choose your most favorite character [...]
Hi all game-addicts! Spend your spare time on Crazy Flasher 5 :Andy Law to know about a cool character called Andy! Actually, this is the sequel to Crazy Flasher – a fascinating ac [...]

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