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Gemcraft Labyrinth is about a magical orb, which the Dark Force always craves to steal. What else? For more info, tap Start button instantly! In the Labyrinth Kingdom, the King is [...]
Engage in Zombie Tactics to support poor villagers in fighting against a large wave of the bloodthirsty zombies, dear all players! Believe that you're quite able to deal with this [...]
It is time to travel with Andy through the new chapter of the Crazy Flasher series: Crazy Flasher 3! Come on if you're now ready to join in this amazing action game! As a street fi [...]
Have nothing to do at this moment? Why don't you take a look at Double Edged, all game-addicts! This game is known as a fighting-related sword style, so do you want to give it a tr [...]
Are you ready to go back the Stickman world once again? Head towards Stick War 2 to continue leading the black stickmen community! This time, we need to win the battle. Can you mak [...]
Hi, all warriors! Let's set foot to Swords And Sandals - Gladiator and take part in some fierce battles! Do you want to be his assistant and help him overcome everything? Come on! [...]
Hi all game-addicts! Spend your spare time on Crazy Flasher 5 :Andy Law to know about a cool character called Andy! Actually, this is the sequel to Crazy Flasher – a fascinating ac [...]

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